Our recently renovated pool gives campers the opportunity to cool off and enjoy some fun. Swimming provides lots of fun, exercise and relaxation to our campers, all while allowing the campers to let their guards down and enjoy casual conversation.



Archery is one of the most self-challenging and rewarding activities here at AYF Camp. Archery combines physical and mental focus, and especially goal-setting skills. Archery is a fun, safe and easy activity for our campers.


Rock Climbing

Our climbing wall is one of the best activities for the campers at AYF Camp. It develops endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and physical focus. Campers also learn the importance of teamwork and motivation with encouragement to get to the top of the wall & ring the bell.



Our newly resurfaced basketball court allows campers to play basketball in the beautiful outdoors all while enjoying the fresh air. Whether it’s a game of Horse or a round robin tournament, campers of all ages can enjoy some fun exercise and challenging games.


Arts & Crafts

In our Arts & Crafts Lodge campers have a wide variety of crafts and games that they can take part in. From tie-dying to beaded jewelry, campers make crafts to take home and make memories with. Our Arts & Crafts Lodge also houses a billiards table, foosball table and ping-pong table that campers love to participate in.


Red, Blue and Orange Games

Throughout the weekly sessions, campers are split into Red, Blue, Orange color teams and compete in different games and activities. These activities include but are not limited to, Butt Volleyball, Steal the Bacon, Kickball, Dodge Ball, Tug of War, Obstacle Course, Quiz Bowl and finally Song Competition.



All the campers that attend AYF Camp have an opportunity to go canoeing at our local Jackson Lake. Located near AYF Camp this hike to the lake gives campers the opportunity to work together all while going out on the water to relax and enjoy nature. Safety is our campers’ top priority as all campers are required to wear a life jacket.


Song Competition

The biggest Red, Blue, Orange competition during the week is Song Competition. Campers prepare for days in their color teams to sing songs and perform in front of the entire camp all while being judged. The campers work together to teach and help each other learn and memorize the songs. This teamwork motivates all the campers and teaches campers that positivity is key.