*Please note the above packing list is designed for a full 7 nights at camp. Adjust accordingly for shorter weeks.


Who’s in charge during the camp session?

The staff, which includes the counselors and directors, is in charge during the camp session. All counselors are over the age of 18, CPR certified, and have received the proper training to deal with any situation they should come across during the camp session. There is at least one director each session selected by the management board to oversee all camp activities.

Can I be in the same cabin with my friend(s)?

The cabin assignments are determined by age and sex. No exceptions will be made. Each cabin has a fire hazard maximum occupancy regulation which will be strictly followed.

What happens if I get hurt or homesick?

The Director will contact your parents if you become ill, abnormally homesick, or when something extraordinary occurs. We have trained medical personnel present during each session to tend to all health or injury-related needs. We have a fully equipped infirmary that houses all of our medical supplies. Be sure to include your contact information in the space provided on the application.

What if I have allergies?

Children with common seasonal allergies (i.e. pollen) are welcome at camp. Please indicate all allergies (i.e. bee stings, etc) on the application so we can alert our staff and medical personnel.

What if I’m taking medication?

All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be turned into the counselor and will be kept in the infirmary. All medications will be administered to you by trained medical personnel. No medication of any kind is to be left with campers.

How do I get in touch with my parents during the camp session?

Campers are not allowed to have cellular phones during their stay at camp. It is up to the Director’s discretion whether he/she will allow a camper to contact their parents for any reason.

Do I need money?

A snack shop is maintained to provide campers with limited refreshments, medicated lip balm, and snacks. Parents can now add $25 (no more and no less) to each camper’s snack shop funds during the checkout process of registration. We will no longer be accepting cash at camp to use for the snack shop. Any remaining funds left over after the week is completed can be used towards camp merchandise or snacks and drinks for your departure. Cash will not be refunded. Camp merchandise will also be available for purchase on days at the beginning and end of the session. Please visit our store for pricing.