Why AYF Camp?

Since 1977, AYF Camp has become a home to hundreds of campers, who spend time participating in activities, learning about Armenian culture and history, and making friendships that last a lifetime. For over three decades, campers and counselors alike have grown to love AYF Camp, and return to their home away from home. AYF Camp is 11.5 acres of beautiful forestland located in the Angeles National Forest near the city of Wrightwood. The newly renovated cabins, restrooms and swimming pool create a cozy atmosphere for the youth who attend AYF Camp every summer!


AYF Camp was established to provide an opportunity for Armenian youth living in the Diaspora to learn their history, reconnect with their heritage and foster life-long friendships. Today, the unique program includes social, cultural and educational activities that promote healthy development and strengthen Armenian identity within our youth.

Location and Facilities